Witamy w portalu internetowym Banku Danych o Lasach.

We have released a new version of the BDL portal, where we have made the following modifications:

1. We have modified the way of searching objects by name - we have added the possibility of limiting the search to a selected layer.
2. We have expanded the mechanism for handling data loaded from SHP, KML, GPX files. We have created the ability to change the symbolization, labeling and zooming to the data.
3. We have made a modification that double-clicking on the map launches the Identify tool.
4. We have made the possibility to lock the taxation description window and the Identify tool window.
5. We have improved the mechanism for downloading the results of measurements made on the map.
6. We have improved the mechanism of generating reports.
7. We have modified the mechanism of loading WMS services.
8. We have modified the mechanism of generating permalink on the map.
9. We have modified the transparency of the tourist infrastructure map.