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National Forest Inventory (NFI)
Process of monitoring the state of forest and the pace and the trend of changes it undergoes. The main objective of NFI is to provide reliable information on forest especially with regarding data on the structure of species composition and age, the state of health and the occurrence of damage to forests. This includes forests of all forms of ownership.
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National park
Protected area of outstanding nature, scientific, social, cultural and educational values, with the area of not less than 1000 ha, where all nature and landscape values are protected. The primary objectives of the park are: to preserve biodiversity, nature resources, formations and elements of inanimate nature and landscape values; to restore the proper state of resources and elements of nature; to reconstruct distorted natural, flora, fauna and fungi habitiats. The national park is established way the regulation of the Council of Ministers.

Natura 2000
Programme of creating a common system (network) of nature protection areas in the European Union. The grounds for this program are set by two EU directives: Birds Directive and Habitat Directive. The aim of the program is to preserve certain types of natural habitats and species that are considered rare and endangered across Europe. The network was established in order to preserve natural habitats and species interesting to the European Communities in state allowing to protect them in the natural range, or - where appropriate - to restore this state. Natura 2000 areas may cover a part or all of the areas and objects included in other forms of nature protection. SPAs and SACs are independent of each other - in some cases their boundaries may overlap or even be the same.
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Nature reserve
Areas preserved in their natural or slightly changed ecosystems, coverts (refuges) and natural habitats, and the habitats of plants, animals and fungi, as well as formations and components of inanimated nature with distinctive nature, scientific, cultural or landscape values. Nature reserve is established by the decision of the regional director for environmental protection.

Non-afforested area
Forest land area including lands:

  • located in by-production (i.e. plantations of Christmas trees, shrubs, hunting plots in forest areas),
  • temporarily devoid of tree stands and scheduled for renewal in the next few years (e.g. clear-cut areas, coupes (gaps), irregularly stocked open stand),
  • designated for legal protection (e.g. classified as forests midforest clearings, unused patches of vegetation – montane pastures and highlands),
  • intended to be excluded from production deforested forest areas (e.g. flood plains and foredeeps in the area of mining damage). [Central Statistical Office]