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Bark stripping
Stripping by ungulates bark from standing or felled trees with their teeth or in order to get food. The trees most oftes stripped off the bark are: pine, fir, spruce, ash and oak. The most common stripping animals are: deer, elk, bison, fallow deer and mouflon.

The Bureau for Forest Management and Geodesy (BULiGL)
Multi-branch state-owned company operating nation-wide since 1956. It is the main contractor for forest mangement plans including forest site (habitat) works.

According to Art.21a of the Forest Act of 28 September 1991 (Journal of Laws 1991, No. 101, item 444) the Bureau for Forest Management and Geodesy is the contractor for the following:

  •   periodic national inventories of forests,
  •   update of forest resource estimates,
  •   running the data bank on forest resources and forest condition.

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