Welcome to Forest Data Bank.

To download standard set of data for the State Forests National Forest Holding forest district, please use the on-line form.

Set of data available through the on-line form includes a forest survey, in the text files, as well as the geometry of forest seperations and divisions in ESRI Shapefile format. Such data sets are created for individual district of the State Forests National Forest HoldingDescription of the data provided, as well as advice and examples of its use, can be downloaded from the link.

Furthermore, you can download layers of SFN FH district geometric borders ranges and Spend the night in the forest (in SHP and KML format).

To obtain SFN FH forests data in a custom system, please fill out an application for the re-use of public sector information and the scan sent to: bdl@bdl.lasy.gov.pl.

Bank Forest Data provides on behalf of the State Forests data included in BDL data directory.