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mBDL app (mobile Forest Data Bank)

The mBDL provides direct access to forest maps on phones and tablets. The basic content of the app is BDL's forest thematic maps, such as the standard map, forest stands map, map of ownership categories, plant communities map, game management map, forest site map, tourist infrastructure map, forest entry prohibited map, forest fire danger map.

In addition to branch maps, the user can view predefined raster underlays, such as a topographic map or aerial/satellite orthophotos, as well as maps from external WMS services. The addresses of the most popular services, e.g. cadastral data, orthophotomap or GDOŚ service, are permanently stored in the application for easy use. Other, arbitrary WMS services can be connected by entering a specific URL, which is then stored in the application.

After downloading the relevant data in advance, the application also works in the absence of Internet connectivity. The mechanism for downloading data for offline operation allows the use of forest districts and national parks maps. Along with maps, which are saved in raster form, vector data with descriptive attributes are downloaded for SF NFH forests.

From the mBDL application, the user has online access to a complete taxation description for forests of all forms of ownership. Such a description includes, among other things, the species of trees and shrubs present at a given location, their detailed description, forest address, economic indications and much more.

 The application is additionally equipped with a number of useful functionalities in the field: area and distance measurement, point recording from GPS location or from map indication, route recording and simple navigation to the indicated point. Saved points and routes can be exported as a KML file, sent out into the world by any means, or imported on another device on which the mBDL application is also installed.

In mBDL, it is possible to search for forest subareas based on the so-called forest address, a parcel, or a point using its coordinates. This tool works similarly to the search in the web portal. A manual describing the basic functionality is also available in the Help menu, which is worth reading at the beginning of using the application.

Instructional videos of the mobile application

For users of the mobile app, we have provided instructional videos to help familiarize users with mBDL functions such as downloading data for offline work, searching for parcels, searching for address points, searching for forest subareas, searching by coordinates, show my location, save point with my location, share my location, route registration and map tools. The videos are available on the YouTube website.  Below is one of the videos about downloading data for offline.

Traditional mBDL user’s manual for Android and iOS devices are also available.

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