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21-22 October 2019 Poznań
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Conference "Dieback of Stands in Poland - Causes and Consequences"
15-17 October 2019
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13-15 March 2019 Sękocin Stary
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BDL Conference
6 March 2019 Sękocin Stary
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Conference 'Environment of information'
22 November 2018 Warsaw
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Conference 'Ecology in forestry'
8 November 2018 Poznań
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The ninth conference 'Geomatics in the National Forests'
11-13 September 2018 Rogów
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Conference 'The Archaeology of Woodlands'
19-21 April 2018 Białowieża

10th Session
13-15 March 2018 Sękocin Stary
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Symposium 'Tourism in forests'
25-27 September 2017 Szklana Huta near Kielce
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9th Session 'Forestry challenges towards ongoing environmental changes, public expectations and economic and legal conditions'
14-16 March 2017 Sękocin Stary
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The eighth conference 'Geomatics in the National Forests'
13-15 September 2016 Rogów
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XII conference 'Active Methods Protection of Nature in Balanced Forestry'
22-23 March 2016 Rogów near Łódź

International Scientific Conference WOOD-SCIENCE-ECONOMY
5-6 October 2015 Poznań

IX Symposium 'Forest Ecosystem Protection'
23-24 September 2015 Rogów near Łódź

II National Scientific Conference 'Climate Conditions of Life Forest'
16-17 June 2015 Rogów near Łódź

IV National Conference 'GIS in science'
1-3 June 2015 Poznań
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XI conference 'Active Methods Protection of Nature in Balanced Forestry'
24-25 March 2015 Rogów near Łódź
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17-19 March 2015 Sękocin Stary
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Seminar: collection, processing and sharing of information about forests
9 March 2015 Warsaw
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Contemporary issues of forest education society
3-4 December 2014 Rogów

National Forest Programme "The vision of forestry in Poland"
18 November 2014 Sękocin Stary
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Conference 'Current problems in forest protection - 2014'
22-24 October 2014 Ustroń-Jaszowiec
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The second National Conference 'Nature - Forest - Technology'
16-18 October 2014 Poznań

Conference 'Environment of information'
1-2 October 2014 Warszawa

Nationwide Scientific Conference 'Forests in national parks and nature reserves'
24-26 September 2014 Izabelin
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The second international scientific conference 'The Forestry in Mountains and Industrial Regions'
22-23 September 2014 Kraków
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Fair of forestry, wood industry and environmental protection
4-6 September 2014 Mostki near Świebodzin
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Forest and forest management in culture and national heritage
10-11 April Gołuchów
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X conference 'Active Methods Protection of Nature in Balanced Forestry'
26-27 March 2014 Rogów near Łódź
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The role and structure of Forest Data Bank for polish forestry
14 November 2012 Sękocin Stary
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Common space – one GIS
23-25 October 2012 Warsaw

Geomathics  as a solutions to new challenges in polish forestry
18-20 September 2012 Rogów near Łódź