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Welcome to the Forest Data Bank

The Bureau for Forest Management and Geodesy provided services commissioned by the Directorate-General of the State Forests under the operational title: “The implementation of structural and functional concepts for a data bank on forest resources and the state of forests of all ownership types – 1st stage (pilot project)” and “Development and operation of the data bank on forest resources and on the condition of forests of all ownership type – 2nd stage”.

Meeting the above-mentioned requests led to establishing the Forest Data Bank with its main objective to provide information on forest management, forest condition and its changes regardless the ownership form. This information is interrelated with the databases on nature conservation and the state of the natural environment. Among potential users of the Forest Data Bank (BDL) resources are various levels of management in forestry, environment protection, education and the society. The Forest Data Bank provides information for public statistics - both domestic and international, as well as for spatial planning.