Welcome to Forest Data Bank.

Updated Forest Data Bank resources are now available

The update includes:

  1. Map and descriptive data on forest areas managed by the State Forests NFH as of 1 January 2017.
  2. Reports on forests of all ownership forms as of 1 January 2017.
  3. Updated map of hunting and hunting report.
  4. Updated plant communities map and forest site map.
  5. Updated data on forest fires.
  6. Updated geological data.
  7. Updated boundaries of protected areas.

In addition, a new module of historical maps for the Kozienice Forest has been added.

This module functions as a tool activated by a button with a clock symbol in the lower map menu (figure below). Clicking on the map button zoom to the area of presented data (Kozienicka Primeval Forest). When you click on the map area in the bottom panel "Historical Maps - Timeline", you will see available historical maps, to load the map you have to click on chosen map in timeline panel. After loading the map, in the right menu "Historical maps" you can download the map scan and elaborate scan. With the help of the “Information” tool, you can read the historical stand description of the selected subareas.